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Required classes and how to apply
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Author:  Acco [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Required classes and how to apply

Required classes

Check our wowprogress page for a list of required classes
note: if your class is not on that list and you are interested in Lesser Gods, it is still worth contacting an officer in game. We will always give consideration to players with the right attitude and experience.

How to apply

In private - If you wish to apply in private, then please contact an officer (a list can be found here) in game, and (s)he will instruct you on what to do.

On this forum - Just follow these steps:
note: you do not need a forum account to post an application

1. Fill out the application template here.
note: it is already formatted, but feel free to format as you wish, but please ensure it is easily legible and the questions are complete

2. Create a new topic in the recruitment forum here by clicking the ''new topic'' button.

3. In the ''username'' box please give your in game character name, and in the ''subject'' box please include your class and spec.

4. In the main message body just paste in your completed application.

5. At the bottom of the page answer the simple WoW related question
note: this is just a spam prevention measure

6. If you are happy with your application, and you have answered the questions, click ''submit''.
note: you can click ''preview'' at the bottom to see how your post will look.

We advise you to write your applications in the best English you can, since poorly written applications rarely give a good first impression. The majority of us aren’t native English speakers, so perfectly fluent English is not required, but we can easily spot lazy applications, and usually decline them on the spot.

Applications are regularly checked by our people, and we talk about them in the officer section of our forum. We try to check the recruitment forum regularly, but if we do not acknowledge your application within 2 days please feel free to contact an officer in game. It can take up to 1 week (sometimes longer if the relevant class leader is on holiday) before we have a decision, so please be patient.

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